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DDST Group is a holding networking company that aims to support you in all stages of gaining profit on monetization. Being armed with approved monetization solutions, our expert team strives to share its skills and experience and help businesses capitalize on digital marketing.

We possess all the needed tools to assist our partners to sustain competitive advantage in the world, maximizing online presence, and connecting promising brands with worldwide consumers.

Our Projects

What we offer

Ad monetization

If you are in search of increasing profits from your apps by delivering awesome content, we are happy to help. We can estimate and advance your current results, improve your digital marketing performance, and help you with getting the most out of your applications.

Marketing Solutions

Working with Advertisers and Affiliates worldwide, we have accumulated extensive experience in how to drive traffic. Our professional team will provide you with the best service ever to make your traffic work and your profit grow by leaps and bounds. Being flexible and open-minded, we are here to satisfy your needs at any vertical, supporting them with the most attractive cooperation terms.

Media buying

Aiming to attract more customers to our partners, we concentrate our forces on smart media buying. Our task is to elaborate strategies that will foster the promotion and instant recognition of our customers in the digital market. With the focus on the target audience, we generate successful leads that will move the needle in any business.


Our operational excellence, creativity, and focus on success allow us to personalize the customer experience and provide only professional and high-end service.

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